Didymos Baby Wrap Cherry Blossoms Ibuki Silk Size 3


Cherry Blossoms Ibuki Silk

70 % Organic Cotton, 30 % Silk

Surface weight: 180 g/m²

Different Edges: Yes


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 A scent of cherry blossoms – spring is in the air!

Goodbye winter! Spring is coming and with it something new and fresh. As we breathe the warm air, enjoy the colours, we admire the overwhelming vitality of spring and life.

This is all included in Ibuki, the Japanes name of our this year Cherry Blossom model that we wove according to the wishes of our Japanese babywearing friends and fans. In a name contest they voted for Ibuki and we are excited to welcome spring with this lovely and promising name and Cherry Blossom wrap.

The cherry blossom pattern is Jacquard woven into the fabric, a fine blend of natural cotton and silk yarns in blush pink and pink – a ravishing wrap with a beautiful silky sheen.

Airy and lightweight, the 70/30 cotton/silk blend is soft and smooth with just the right amount of stretch to allow for comfortable babywearing. It has a lovely flow and drape and molds to the wearer and baby with optimal comfort while supporting the baby all over evenly.

Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres, and is thus very supportive and tear-proof. Moisture and temperature regulating, silk blends are ideal to wear year around.

PLEASE NOTE: Make sure to always follow the care instructions to keep your silk blend wraps in perfect condition.

Size: 3

Surface weight: 180 g/m²

Colour: Natural, Rose, Pink

Washable: Max. 30°C, Delicates, Do Not Spin, Do Not Tumble Dry

Different Edges: Yes

Age of child: From Birth




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