Didymos Baby Wrap Prima Monochrome Triblend Size 5


Prima Monochrome Triblend

68 % Organic Cotton, 25 % Hemp, 7 % Tussah

Surface weight: 200 g/m²

Different Edges: Yes


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Prima patterned wraps are great DIDYMOS classics and versatile allrounders. They are completely adjustable for all ages and stages and suitable for both beginners and babywearing eperts.

A shimmering triblend, this monochrome Prima wrap will add to the popularity of our Prima pattern line. All in monochrome, the fabric is woven from anthracite cotton combined with raw white hemp and a dash of shimmering, raw white Tussah silk – looks great and flatters many wardrobe styles.

Prima Monochrome Triblend is as soft as all Prima wraps and a bit fluffy. It has a slightly grippy texture that makes it easy to manipulate and to tie. It is supportive and has perfect diagonal stretch that allows for precise and comfortable tying of all carries whether worn in front, on the back or on the hip. Once tied, carries stay in place.

This mid-weight wrap is supportive and has perfect diagonal stretch to comfortably adapt to all ages and stages. It is an ideal take-anywhere baby carrier!

DIDYMOS hemp blend fabrics break in wonderfully with the first wash and use and get soft and mouldable. They are known for aging well; the more you wear them, the softer they become.

Hemp perfectly complements our organcic cotton to create great wraps that are strong and sustainable and perfect allrounders throughout the year.

Size: 5

Surface weight: 200 g/m²

Colour: Anthracite, Raw White

Washable: Hand Wash With Lukewarm Water. Do Not Spin Dry!

Different Edges: Yes

Age of child: From Birth


5, 6


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